Ekta Indian Cuisine in Fishtown is AMAZING

It’s Take Out Tuesday….Because Some Days Making Dinner Feels More Like Scaling a Mountain

Tired? Cold? Don’t feel like cooking?  Do you live in Fishtown, Old CityNorthern Liberties, East Kensington, Olde Kensington, New Kensington?  Well you, my friend, are in luck.  Ekta Indian Cuisine will deliver steaming hot home made deliciousness right to your door.  Ekta Indian Cuisine Fishtown

If you live in another Philadelphia neighborhood you may have to drive here, ride your bike or take the subway.  Do it.  It’s worth it. Ignore the unassuming store front.  A whole lot of rich spicy goodness lies inside.   If you love Indian food like we do, you will be very very happy.    A few household favorites….Lamb Biryani & Chicken Korma.  What are your favorite dishes at this awesome Fishtown spot?