Curb Appeal….We All Want It! Here’s How to Get It!

Curb Appeal is Crucial!

Elfreth's Alley Old City PhiladelphiaWe have already explained 10 things to do to get your home ready to list.  Number one for us is add curb appeal.  It sets the tone when brokers & potential buyers view & first step into your home.  You want to make sure to create a positive experience.  Here are a few ways to help enhance the curb appeal of your home.

1. Get a Different Perspective

Go across or down the street from your home & really look at it as though you were someone just seeing it for the first time.  How does it look overall?  Is it neat & tidy?  What do you think the best features are?  How can you enhance them?  What is bad?  How can you minimize this?

2. Keep it Neat

Clean up any circulars or trash.  If you never use them think about getting the circular non deliver sticker from L & I. Pull any weeds coming through cracks in the sidewalk.  Sweep the front regularly!

3. Dress Up The FacadePhiladelphia Real Estate Jordan Brody & Co. Curb Appeal

Add a wreath or pots with plants.  Refresh your window boxes.  If you have a door that is centered, symmetry can be very pleasing to the eye, think matching pots around the door or lighting on both sides.  Please no plastic flowers!  Add a pretty address plate so people can find your address easily.  If you live in a condo put your unit number or letter on your door along with a wreath & a welcome mat.

4. Look for Any Red Flags

Dirty windows are easy to clean in a weekend & really make your home sparkle inside & out.  If there is any rotted trim work or flaking paint fix it!  If your home is siding & looks dingy power wash it!  If your sidewalk is in really bad condition consider getting it replaced.  Someone could trip & fall or a buyer could ask for a credit at closing.

5. Light It Up

There are many inexpensive ways to add lighting.  There are solar powered lights you can put in your pots.  If you already have an existing light

Philadelphia Real Estate Jordan Brody & Co.

Sometimes This Is How We Feel Trying to Gain Entry

fixture make sure the light works & keep it on for any evening showings.  If the fixture itself has seen better days…replace it.

6. Refresh Hardware & Make Sure the Door Opens Easily

If you have an older lock set or your door is difficult to open…fix it!  New hardware looks shiny, brand new & works like a charm.  Make sure that Realtors aren’t fumbling to open the door!  Client’s want to get in easily…not sit out in cold or inclement weather while we fiddle with a finicky key.

7. Paint

If you haven’t painted your front door, shutters or trim in a long time it could be faded.  Give it a quick update with a cheery paint color that stands out (keep it tasteful).  Buyers will be sure to remember the home with the fun front door & beautiful entryway!  Try Pantone’s Color of the Year Emerald Green.

Philadelphia Real Estate Jordan Brody & Co.8. Keep the Calm Upon Entry

Keep your entryway organized & clean.  Make sure there are no shoes, coats or junk lying around.  Add a mat for people to wipe their shoes off on.  If you have a small attractive table set it up with your marketing materials & a plant or flowers.  One of those flameless candles could be a nice touch.


An appealing facade sets the tone for a good showing.  If you are going to put your home on the market…do it right!  If you want more tips & tricks or are interested in selling your home contact us today to find out what we can do for you!