More Home Inspection Questions Answered!

A Little More In Depth Information About Home Inspections..

Earlier we defined the basics of a home inspection, however, we wanted to go into a little more detail & answer a few of the less common questions we get about the inspection.Philadelphia Real Estate Home Inspection Report

QUESTION: Who defines the scope of the home inspection?

ANSWER: The scope of a home inspection, the services to be performed, and the systems and conditions to be inspected or excluded from inspection may be defined by a contract between the home inspector and the client.

QUESTION: What specific information must a home inspection report include?

ANSWER: A home inspection report must be in writing and include: (1) a description of the scope of the inspection with an identification of the structural elements, systems and subsystems covered in the report; (2) a description of the material defects noted during the inspection with the recommendation that certain experts be retained to determine the extent of the defects and any corrective action that should be taken.

QUESTION: Who has access to the home inspection report?

ANSWER: Unless otherwise required by law, a home inspector may not deliver a report to anyone other than the inspector’s client without the client’s consent. A seller has the right, upon request, to receive without charge a copy of the home inspection report from the person for whom it was prepared.

QUESTION: May a home inspector give an estimate to repair any defects revealed in the home inspection report?

ANSWER: A certified home inspector may not express, either orally or in writing, an estimate of the cost to repair any defect found during a home inspection unless: (1) the report identifies the source of the estimate; (2) the estimate is stated as a range of costs; and (3) the report states that the parties should consider obtaining an estimate from a contractor who performs the type of repair involved.

QUESTION: May a home inspector conduct other property examinations, such as a real estate appraisal or a radon inspection, that are excluded from the definition of “home inspection?”

ANSWER: A home inspector may conduct any property examinations and engage in any other activities for which they are qualified and properly licensed. Unless the home inspector is registered or licensed under one or more of the following laws, they are not allowed to perform any activity that would constitute the practice of that profession: the Engineer, Land Surveyor and Geologist Registration Law; the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act; the Pennsylvania Pesticide Control Act of 1973; the Architects Licensure Law; the Radon Certification Act; the Real Estate Appraisers Certification Act.

QUESTION: Are home inspectors prohibited from engaging in any inspection-related activities?

ANSWER: A home inspector and their employers, may not: (1) Offer to perform for a fee repairs to a structure for which the  inspector has prepared a home inspection report within the last year. (2) Inspect for a fee any property in which the home inspector or the employer of the home inspector has any financial interest or any interest in the transfer of the property, unless the financial interest is disclosed in writing and the buyer acknowledges this disclosure in writing. (3) Offer any compensation to the seller or to an agent for the referral of any business to the inspector. (4) Perform a home inspection where the fee is contingent upon the content of the report, or the closing of the transaction.

QUESTION: How will the Home Inspection Law be enforced?

ANSWER: The law is self-enforcing. As such, the parties in a real estate transaction must ascertain the membership status of a home inspector who will perform an inspection pursuant to a contingency provision in an agreement of sale.

QUESTION: Is there a time limit in order to recover damages arising from a home inspection report?

ANSWER: Any action to recover damages arising from a home inspection report must be commenced within one year after the date the report is delivered.

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