Phillies Phans! Baseball Season is Almost Here!

Don’t You Just Love Citizen’s Bank Park?Philadelphia Phillies 2013 Season Philadelphia Real Estate Jordan Brody

We do!  We love the open air old school feel.  We love the food there…can anyone say Crab Fries?  We love driving down Broad Street to South Philly.  We also love the atmosphere.  It’s amazing what a well thought out & planned ball park can do.  I admit…I don’t LOVE sports like most people…I like them, however, I LOVE Citizen’s Bank Park & the Phillies.

We hope Spring Training is going well & we can’t wait to give them a warm welcome home.  Baseball means Spring & Spring means it’s almost Summer.  And Summer means…well…everything (to me at least)!  Good bye winter!  I am not sad to see you go.

I personally can’t wait to go to my first game & I know I speak for my whole team as we wish them an awesome season!

Get tickets here!  See you there!!

Phillies 2013 Schedule