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Mortgage Insurance Deduction Extended Through 2013

Philadelphia homes for sale Keep Some Money in The Piggy Bank! One of the perks of being a home owner, historically, has been the ability to write off a number of expenses relating to your home.  This is dependent on income level as well as if it is a primary or secondary residence (not an investment property where there are a different set of rules).  Some of the tax deductions for homeowners are mortgage interest, any points paid, property taxes & more recently as a...Continue Reading!

Curb Appeal….We All Want It! Here’s How to Get It!

Philadelphia homes for sale Curb Appeal is Crucial! We have already explained 10 things to do to get your home ready to list.  Number one for us is add curb appeal.  It sets the tone when brokers & potential buyers view & first step into your home.  You want to make sure to create a positive experience.  Here are a few ways to help enhance the curb appeal of your home. 1. Get a Different Perspective Go across or down the street from your home & really...Continue Reading!

Beer Lover? Don’t Miss this Event

Philadelphia homes for sale The PA German Society of Northern Liberties, Philly Roller Girls & the Foodery to Host the 2nd Annual Bierfest! Last year tickets sold out quickly, don't miss it, get yours here!  On Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 this all day affair will be held in the German Society's traditional Ratskellar.  Also known as an underground bar.  Duh.  Sample a variety of German style beers like Bock's, Weizen's & Lager's from PA & Germany; a few participating breweries are the Sly Fox, Nodding...Continue Reading!

Treat Your Home to a Refresh with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Philadelphia homes for sale You Want to Know What the Color Is? Emerald Green!  From Pantone's website:  "Lively. Radiant. Lush.....a color of elegance & beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance & harmony".  Sign me up.s Add Curb Appeal We think that done properly, this is a gorgeous color for front door, shutters & trim.  Just pick the green right!  You want it to be a beautiful tone not garish. What About Your Interior? This could be a gorgeous accent wall, a nice piece of upholstered furniture such...Continue Reading!

The Day Of Love is Upon Us!

Philadelphia homes for sale Also known as...... The day you didn't plan for & you are now in the dog house!  Let us help you get out of aforementioned dog house & put a big smile on your special someone's face.  Sound good?  Read on..... For the Athletes & Outdoor Enthusiasts The Blue Cross River Rink at Penn's Landing just outside of Old City is a great place to go & ice skate hand in hand under the stars.  Grab hot chocolate & cuddle under the pavilion...Continue Reading!

5 Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like a Home

Philadelphia homes for sale Moving is Stressful We have 5 tips that will make your new house feel like a home & cut down on some of the stress of moving. 1. Make It Smell Like Home Bring  a familiar smelling candle.  The olfactory sense is one of our strongest senses & can trigger positive memories.  You'll be spending a lot of time cleaning, organizing & unpacking.  A familiar scent can make it smell like home instantly!  It will also smell like YOUR home; not the previous...Continue Reading!

Overwhelmed by the Buying Process?

Philadelphia homes for sale Hire a Professional to Help! Buying a home can be an overwhelming undertaking.  It is helpful to hire a professional to help guide you through the transaction & streamline the process. What Does a Buyer Agent Do? A buyers agent is a Realtor you hire to represent you.  This means they work with your best interests in mind at all time, negotiate for you, identify properties based on your needs, advise you through the inspection, mortgage process & facilitate the communication between all...Continue Reading!

Top 10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready to List

Philadelphia homes for sale You made the plunge & have decided to move! Homeowner's often ask us what they can do to assist in this process.  We put together a list of what we feel is the most important (not the most expensive)! 1. "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" We have talked about curb appeal before and we just may again.  Make sure your side walk & steps are swept, newspapers and circulars are picked up regularly & paint isn't chipping...Continue Reading!

Ekta Indian Cuisine in Fishtown is AMAZING

Philadelphia homes for sale It's Take Out Tuesday....Because Some Days Making Dinner Feels More Like Scaling a Mountain Tired? Cold? Don't feel like cooking?  Do you live in Fishtown, Old City,  Northern Liberties, East Kensington, Olde Kensington, New Kensington?  Well you, my friend, are in luck.  Ekta Indian Cuisine will deliver steaming hot home made deliciousness right to your door.  If you live in another Philadelphia neighborhood you may have to drive here, ride your bike or take the subway.  Do it.  It's worth it....Continue Reading!

Home Inspection Questions Answered!

Philadelphia homes for sale The Basics A home inspection contingency is one of many contingencies set forth in a purchase contract.  The time period is completely dependent on negotiations, however, what inspections to be performed are chosen by the buyer.  The financial burden for paying for the inspection is the buyer's responsibility & varies depending on company & which inspections are to be performed.  We recommend all our buyers get a home inspection regardless of the homes condition as it is crucial to uncover any...Continue Reading!