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Want Light? Newly Listed Corner Piece Has So Many Windows!

Philadelphia homes for sale Check Out This Gem in Point Breeze Listed for $240,000! I hate when I see a corner property that doesn't take advantage of the fact that it is a CORNER PROPERTY.  This property has so many windows it just makes me smile. We love the tall windows, the old school shutters, the planter baskets & the TREES.  Oh we just love trees.  The curb appeal on this home is phenomenal.  **Sidenote: you have, like, 3 days to get your free tree application...Continue Reading!

Gorgeous New Building Coming to 15th & Walnut

Philadelphia homes for sale The Cheesecake Factory Has Outdone Itself; Fortunately Not in Caloric Intake But In It's Fab New Philadelphia Home I'll admit I had mixed feeling about a Cheesecake Factory coming to 15th & Walnut.  I finally thought to myself, you know, tourism is good for the city & tourists don't want to hunt down the latest/greatest mini B.Y.O. on a tiny side street.  They want familiar & flashy right in the middle of everything.  Just like that I was okay with it. NOW,...Continue Reading!

Reading Terminal Gets Huge Shout Out By Acclaimed New York Food Writer

Philadelphia homes for sale Mark Bittman Calls The Reading Terminal New York's Best Public Market But, wait, you say.  Isn't the Terminal in Philly?  Yes.  Yes it is. I love the Terminal.  I go there weekly.  I feel like I save money, help local vendors stay in business & I feel that the offerings are top quality.  Sidenote: I love to cook almost as much as I love to eat AND I can be frugal.  So I think I kind of know what I am talking...Continue Reading!

Spring Maintenance! Crucial Steps to Protecting Your Investment

Philadelphia homes for sale Spring is Here:  You May Want to Take Some of these Maintenance Tips to Help Protect Your Investment Many homeowners, especially first timers, are overwhelmed at the thought of maintenance.  Maintenance is the best way to protect your largest investment as well as help prevent future issues that can become costly. Inside Your Home Basement - check for any signs of dampness or water penetration.  If it smells musty or you see any dampness on your walls check around the foundation of your...Continue Reading!

What Kind of Down Payment Do You Need to Buy a Philadelphia Investment Property?

Many Of Our Clients Are Unclear On the Down Payment Needed to Buy A Multi Family Property We thought we would clarify.  There are different options available for different kinds of buyers.  There is no one size fits all option, unfortunately. Options 3.5% down - for the buyer who will be an owner occupant they can go FHA.  They can boost the purchase price by 6% to help cover closing costs.  You can only have 1 FHA loan at a time. 20% down -...Continue Reading!

Commercial Listing in Manayunk

Philadelphia homes for sale 4162-66 Main Street Is Just Full of Potential!  Almost 6,000 Square Foot Lot Right on Main Street! Situated in the midst of Main Street Manayunk & conveniently located to easy parking is this commercial listing, currently being used as an ice cream stand.  Listed at $990,000.  Contact us today for more details! Continue Reading!

It’s Tax Season! Are You Getting All the Tax Breaks You’re Due?

Philadelphia homes for sale HouseLogic's "Homeowners Guide to Taxes" Can Help Did you buy a home in Philadelphia last year & are curious what kind of deductions are available to you as a homeowner?  Or perhaps you work from home & would like some clarification on those deductions? There are numerous tax benefits to homeowners available.  Our whole tax code is very complex & it can be very confusing for the non CPA to navigate.  This website put together by NAR (National Association of Realtors) helps...Continue Reading!

Time to Buy is Now! Interest Rates are Creeping Up!

Philadelphia homes for sale Interest Rates Jumped to a 7 Month High Last Week After some positive employment news that was released it looks as thought mortgage rates crept up.  According to Freddie Mac the average rate for the 30-year fixed rate loan rose to 3.63% from 3.52% last week. Low interest rates help increase affordability.  Prices are still somewhat stagnant, although they seem to be creeping up a bit due to less supply.  If you were thinking of purchasing a home; now is the time...Continue Reading!

Under Water Mortgages Explained

Philadelphia homes for sale We Often Hear This Term When It Comes to Mortgages We thought we should clarify. What Is It? A mortgage is considered "under water" when the property is worth less then what is owed to the bank. For example:  Purchase price 150K with a down payment of 20% or 30K.  Mortgage amount is 120K.  Say home prices fall in this region & the home is now worth 100K.  This property is 20K underwater. Many people choose to continue paying their mortgage as fluctuations in market...Continue Reading!

Top 10 Tips for Buying Investment Property

Philadelphia homes for sale Are You Thinking of Investing in Real Estate? We have helped many clients build their investment portfolio along with their personal net worth through strategic investing in real estate.  Here are our top 10 tips for buying investment property.  If you think you are ready to begin investing or are looking for your next piece contact us today!  We will set up a consultation to help determine your investment goals & figure out what is right for you. [DispletListing listings="yes" price_navigation_prices="250,500,750,1000" minListPrice="0"...Continue Reading!

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