Should Homeowners Be Home for Showings?

Many Homeowners Ask Us This Exact QuestionPhiladelphia Real Estate Listings Jordan Brody & Co. Showings

Our answer is no!


Buyer’s want the opportunity to look at your home objectively.  A good listing agent will have all the features that you feel you should be pointing out spelled out for any potential buyer & a good buyer’s agent will be pointing these features out along the way.  A good buyer’s agent should have also done an in depth consultation with their buyers before showing any properties so they know what features are and are not important to them so they know what to focus on during showings.

I’ve noticed that buyers spend less time in a property when the owner is home & feel uncomfortable opening cabinets & poking around the bathrooms.  They feel like they are intruding!

What Should You Do?

We have a comprehensive article on getting your home ready to list as well as how to add curb appeal.  These are all good tips.  Feel free to also set the mood.  Many seller’s tidy up, turn on lights & even set soft music for showings.  All this aids in setting a calm & inviting experience that welcome buyers into your home

We sell a lot of real estate in Philadelphia & represent many sellers.  If you are thinking of selling your home & would like us to put together a Comparative Market Analysis, please contact us!