Apparently, Trees Save Lives

Philly Mag States “According to New Research, Having A Tree Near Your House Just Saved Your Life”

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Now, we are not supposed to believe everything we read, however, this is from a scientific article with controls, statistics, crossing space & time.  Whatever all that means…the basic gist of the article is that trees are good for your health.

Amen!Cherry Blossoms Kelly Drive Philadelphia Real Estate Jordan Brody & Co.

We love trees around here.  In the Spring I dream of the cherry blossoms along Kelly, in the Fall I love the yellow leaves that fall on Quince Street in Washington Square & a tree lined block in the dead heat of summer always FEELS better then a tree barren block.  I even love looking out my window in the middle of winter anxiously awaiting Spring.  I know Spring is here when I see the birds playing in the branches & the little green buds appear before they pop into beautiful foliage.

Many people are anti trees in urban situations because of the root systems & the potential plumbing complications.

PHS & Tree Tenders is a great resource for urban trees.  There are many varieties available with non invasive root systems that don’t grow too tall & mess with your electrical wires.

Tree Philly is also a great resource for street trees & personal trees should you be lucky enough to have the yard space to plant them!

Request a FREE street tree here. Know that it could take 12-24 months to get the tree

Request TWO FREE yard trees should you have the space here!  Make sure to get your application in before March 31st.

Here’s a handy guide from PHS on picking, planting & caring for your trees!

PHS Guide to Planting & Caring for Trees