Spring Maintenance! Crucial Steps to Protecting Your Investment

Spring is Here:  You May Want to Take Some of these Maintenance Tips to Help Protect Your InvestmentJordan Brody & Co. Spring Maintenance Tips Philadelphia Real Estate Protect Your Investment

Many homeowners, especially first timers, are overwhelmed at the thought of maintenance.  Maintenance is the best way to protect your largest investment as well as help prevent future issues that can become costly.

Inside Your Home

  • Basement – check for any signs of dampness or water penetration.  If it smells musty or you see any dampness on your walls check around the foundation of your home for any cracks or crevices where water can be seeping in.  Clean your dehumidifier if you have one.
  • Sump pump – inspect & test, clean out any debris you want to make sure it is in good working order for spring showers.  If it runs on electricity get a battery back up.  In the event of a power outage the pit won’t overflow.
  • Clean your hood – if you have a range hood pull out the filter & soak it in dish detergent or run through the dishwasher.  Wipe down the inside & outside.
  • Fireplace – clean any ashes out.  Leave the damper open for improved ventilation if you don’t have air conditioning.
  • Vents – clean & vacuum all of your HVAC registers.
  • Safety Stuff – change the batteries in your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.  Make sure they as well as any fire extinguishers are in working order.
  • Air Conditioner – may want to have it serviced & get on a service plan.  Ensuring it is in working order before it hits 98 degrees is a good thing.  Being on a service plan ensures that if it craps out when it’s 98 degrees you are a top priority.
  • Refrigerator – make sure the seal is air tight.  How to check?  Shut the door over a dollar bill, if it slides out easily you may need to adjust the latch or reseal.
  • Faucets – check for any leaky faucets.  Replace washers as needed.
  • Windows & Doors – check for leaks & drafts.  Reseal or weather strip as needed.  A/C bills get expensive!
  • Storm Windows – remove, clean & store!

Outside Your Home

  • R00f – check for leaks around edges, sky lights, chimneys or vent boxes.  Repair as necessary.  May want to silver coat depending on your roof material to help offset the heat associated with flat black roofs.
  • Gutters – clean out debris so the gutters drain properly & away from the home during spring showers.
  • Outside Faucets – restore water service once the threat of freezing is over.
  • Siding & Paint – look for any cracks or holes where water could get in.  Caulk or reseal as needed.
  • AC Condenser – clean debris from around it or in the fan system.
  • Deck – check for loose nails, hand rails or boards.  Fix as necessary.  Check for where it is affixed to the home for any damage or potential leaks.  Clean & stain.
  • Check for Insects – look for signs of insects or termites.  Call a professional if you think there could be a problem.