Gorgeous New Building Coming to 15th & Walnut

The Cheesecake Factory Has Outdone Itself; Fortunately Not in Caloric Intake But In It’s Fab New Philadelphia HomeCheesecake Factory Coming to 15th & Walnut Jordan Brody & Co. Philadelphia Real Estate Rittenhouse Square

I’ll admit I had mixed feeling about a Cheesecake Factory coming to 15th & Walnut.  I finally thought to myself, you know, tourism is good for the city & tourists don’t want to hunt down the latest/greatest mini B.Y.O. on a tiny side street.  They want familiar & flashy right in the middle of everything.  Just like that I was okay with it.

NOW, after seeing the futuristic building that Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (the brains behind the Apple stores) designed for such a high traffic corner I am ecstatic.

Please check out the beautiful renderings as well as the write up from the Philadelphia Inquirer’s architectural critic Inga Saffron.  I wholeheartedly agree with everything she has to say & I can’t wait for this to be built.  I may never step inside but I am so excited to walk past it!

Are you as excited as we are?