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What Are YOU Doing This Weekend?

Philadelphia homes for sale Philadelphia Area Events for the Weekend of 5/30-6/2 That's right.  We start our weekends on Thursdays around here in the summer. Thursday May 30th Devon Horse Show & Country Fair This is not in the city.  I know.  I just love horses & this is a grand Main Line tradition.  I got my tickets for Thursday night's Grand Prix which is bound to be exciting & is featuring a performance by the Philadelphia mounted police.  Which I just LOVE seeing around & I am...Continue Reading!

Small Spaces are Perfect for a “Design Punch”

Philadelphia homes for sale Want To Go Bold in a Subtle Way? Contradiction?  Think again.  Do you have a powder room?  A mud room?  A laundry room?  A walk in closet you want to give the bespoke treatment to?  The ubiquitous "Philadelphia third bedroom" that is sized for hobbits not humans? Favorite Bold New Trend -- Wallpaper These are the perfect spaces to try something bold.  Why?  It is a small space so any hallucinogenic wall paper won't run on and on for ages but stop neatly...Continue Reading!

7 Tips for Selling an Older Home to a Younger Buyer

Philadelphia homes for sale Sellers of Older Homes Face Unique Challenges Philadelphia is a city of new construction, mid century & older homes.  By older, sometimes we are talking 1700's/1800's old.  While older homes come with a particular charm that can not be recreated with new materials & building styles; they also have their own specific challenges when selling.  This city is full of first time home buyers who tend to be intimidated of older homes & are bewildered by the cost of repairs.  Sometimes...Continue Reading!

5 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Philadelphia homes for sale Are You A First Time Home Buyer? Thinking about breaking into the market for the first time?  Are you sick of paying rent?  Are you overwhelmed by the conflicting national news stories? Buying a home for the first time can be emotional, confusing & overwhelming.  It can also be exciting, fun & liberating. 1. Understand the Finances Behind Home Ownership When you think payment think P.I.T.I. which stands for Principal, Interest, Taxes & Insurance.  The best way to understand a full monthly payment is...Continue Reading!

What Are YOU Doing this Weekend?

Philadelphia homes for sale Events Around Philadelphia for the Weekend of May 16th - May 18th Summer is around the corner which means that city dwellers get their fair share of events, fairs, festivals & generally fun things to do...outside!  Now here's hoping for good weather. Thursday May 16th A Philly foodie favorite hits Fairmount this evening.  Stop by the Night Market on Fairmount Ave. between 19th & 22nd Streets for this street festival showcasing delicious food by local restaurants & food trucks. Friday May 17th Go see the...Continue Reading!

Video Tour of 1313 S. 22nd Street

Philadelphia homes for sale We Listed this Beautiful Corner Property in Point Breeze a Couple of Weeks Ago! Sometimes photos don't do a home justice & it's nice to go through it just like you would as if you were touring the property yourself.  So check out the video below & enjoy!  If you want to schedule your own private tour in person contact us today! Reading!