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Make Your Hump Day Happier in Philly Tonight

Philadelphia homes for sale Wednesday's Are Hot in the Summer & We Don't Mean the Temperature I love a little mid week outing.  It breaks up the monotony & makes me love my quiet nights at home even more.  Us Philly residents are lucky with all these mid week events.  Here's a quick round up of our favorites. Center City Sips Center City bars & restaurants offer drink & food specials from the hours of 5-7.  Runs every summer between Memorial Day & Labor Day.  This year...Continue Reading!

10 Ways to Maximize a Small Space

Philadelphia homes for sale Philadelphia is Full of Smaller Spaces....Learn How to Make the Most of It From trinities & studios to small condos & pitched ceilings in third floors Philadelphia has it's share of dwellings with a small footprint.  There are quite a few up sides to smaller spaces.  There is less to clean, heat & cool so they are better for the environment, social life & wallet. 1. Multi Purpose Furniture Storage ottomans can be a coffee table with the addition of a tray, store...Continue Reading!

Black Thumb Certified Plants

Philadelphia homes for sale Succulents: Just Try to Kill Them.  I Don't Even Think Your Roof Deck Can Do It. I recently bought a home in Old City after living in Manayunk for 7 years.   In Manayunk I had a fabulous little outdoor space with a huge wall in the back creating ideal conditions for an amateur gardener.  I got lots of sun in the morning, partial shade in the afternoon & protection from the wind with the stone wall.  Now that I live...Continue Reading!

Philadelphia Builder’s Best Kept Secret

Philadelphia homes for sale Angelo's Marble & Granite at 25th & Ellsworth in South Philadelphia I want to share this local company as a trusted source for materials because we have been doing business with them for years & we love working with them.  They have the BEST PRICES, amazing service & are knowledgeable about their inventory.  They welcome & encourage the collaborative process between proprietor & client. Many people want to upgrade their kitchen or buy a fixer upper.  We know that materials are one...Continue Reading!

Why Buying a Condo Can Be Tricky

Philadelphia homes for sale Let's Set Some Expectations Up Front Buying a condominium in Philadelphia in 2013 can be more difficult if you are financing the purchase.  Many lenders will have more stringent requirements on both the borrower & the building.  It's important as a buyer to be aware of these issues up front so you & your agent can work together to make your transaction as smooth as it can be.  This is where it helps to hire an experienced agent. Requirements on the Borrower Borrower has...Continue Reading!

Video Tour of Cantrell Commons in South Philadelphia

We Only Have 4 Left!  Aren't They Gorgeous? Don't forget 2 car parking in the back of the home, new construction & a tax abatement. Contact us for a private tour.  Set up your own search to look for exactly what YOU want!  Continue Reading!

Gourmet Market in Old City? Please Hurry.

Philadelphia homes for sale Old City is Getting a Lot of Good News These Days We've got Honey's moving into the 'hood.  I know I am a few months behind here.  I was hoping to hear more information!  Unfortunately, I have nothing new so I will share what it is I know.   We may be getting a gourmet food market in the Corn Exchange building on 2nd & Arch.  This is a beautiful building & I would personally love if it were utilized more....Continue Reading!

Best Milkshake in the U.S.A. Made Right Here in Philadelphia

Philadelphia homes for sale Franklin Fountain in Old City Takes Top Honors in U.S.A. Today This old time ice cream parlor & soda fountain in Old City is named after Mr. Benjamin Franklin himself who lived just a few blocks away. They are not just selling  painstakingly crafted ice cream but an experience.  The interior has been lovingly restored to showcase a beautiful tin ceiling & mosaic floors.  The employees wear traditional garb.  There are antiques upon antiques.  The ice cream is delicious. They also have a...Continue Reading!

Philadelphia Fun Fact

Philadelphia homes for sale The Inventor of the Mason Jar Is From Philadelphia I have been using Mason jars for everything these days!  I use them to make drinks, save food, hold flowers & for their original intended use of preserving.  They are inexpensive,  practical & come in a million sizes.  With all the bad stuff coming out about plastic it just makes sense to me. While doing a quick Google search I found out that the inventor was a tinsmith, named John Landis Mason,  born...Continue Reading!

Brunch in Old City Just Got a Lot More Interesting!

Philadelphia homes for sale Honey's (yes, THAT Honey's!!) is Moving to Old City! It looks like 228 Vine Street, right next to the Painted Bride, is going to be home to the new Honey's Sit'n'Eat. North of Market Street in Old City tends to only be B.Y.O.B's, however, this appears to be a restaurant AND liquor license. I think this would be a great addition to a highly residential section of the neighborhood.  I, for one, am thrilled to have them as my new (future) neighbor....Continue Reading!