It’s Friday. You Earned It.

Happy Hour is Sometimes More Fun at Home!

I love making cocktails.  I love glassware, bar accessories, rolling bar carts…you get the picture.  It just feels very old school & a little glamorous…even when the setting is your Philly apartment, condo or rowhome.

I first had Campari on my one & only trip to Europe (MUST go back).  I’ve been making drinks with it ever since to reminisce.

Campari Mojito Phillys Homes Real Estate Blog

Campari Mojito

Note**more like INSPIRED by a mojito.  

Makes 4 because you know you’ll have more than 1 & who wants to play bartender when they could be relaxing & sipping?  Scale accordingly & usually plan for more.  Unless your friends are a bore.  In that case, I’m so sorry.

Sugar to taste
8 Orange wedges (extra for garnish)
Handful of mint (extra for garnish)
1/2 cup Campari
1/2 cup Gin

Muddle in a pitcher.
Pour over ice.
Top with club or sparkling water.

Happy Friday!  If you need something to do this weekend…we have you covered, here!