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Succulents: Just Try to Kill Them.  I Don’t Even Think Your Roof Deck Can Do It.

I recently bought a home in Old City after living in Manayunk for 7 years.   In Manayunk I had a fabulous little outdoor space with a huge wall in the back creating ideal conditions for an amateur gardener.  I got lots of sun in the morning, partial shade in the afternoon & protection from the wind with the stone wall.  Now that I live downtown I have no outdoor space on the ground.  But I have a roof deck (insert fist pump here)!

I get brutal sun all day long & absolutely no protection from the elements.  I killed everything.  Except for my succulents. Which is why they are my new go to plant.  When I bought them I bought this expensive succulent potting mix that works great because it drains almost instantly.  They will die or, at least not grow well, if their roots stay wet.  I didn’t want to go broke buying this potting mix so I did some searching & found that I can make it myself.

Recipe from eHow.

Make Your Own Potting Mix for Succulents & CactiDIY Succulent Mix Jordan Brody & Co. Philadelphia Real Estate Philly's Homes

5 gallon bucket cleaned very well
something to mix the material together with

4 quarts medium grit sand
4 quarts perlite
4 quarts potting mix
1/2 c. bone meal

Decorative rocks to nestle around the base of the plant.  (I get mine at Home Depot…it’s a few bucks for a huge bag)

Note #1:  1 quart = 4 cups

Note#2:  succulents & cacti are annuals in our zone so bring them in to decorate your home in the winter.

Some great sources I’ve found for unique succulents are Terrain at Styer’s (great day trip) & Meadowbrook Farm (run by P.H.S. & does the flowers for the Annual Flower Show).  If you know of a place in the city I would love to hear about it!

Happy planting!