3 Uses For the One Plant You Need to Have

Aloe Vera Plants:  Form Follows Function

Aloe vera plants belong to the succulent family.  Succulents are some of my favorite plants due to their ease of care.

The One Plant You Should Have in Your Philadelphia Home Jordan Brody & Co. Philadelphia Homes for Sale

In Philadelphia, they are best grown as a house plant.  They can be put outside in the warmer months to really thrive.  They need full sun & well draining potting mix.  They have minimal watering needs.  Let them dry out in between waterings & in the winter water, maybe, once a month.

These gorgeous juicy looking green stems have so many uses.  Here are my top three:

1. Calming Inflamed Skin Due to Burns

Sunburn & cooking burns are the first two that come to mind.  I recently bought my aloe plant because of a nasty burn from my oven.  Rubbing aloe on it instantly soothed the burn & it looked much better within days.  Simply slice a piece of off, open up & rub the gel on the skin.  (Note: use common sense & seek medical treatment if you think it’ s needed.)

2. Shaving Cream or Moisturizer in a Pinch

I am not always that organized.  I frequently run out of things I need.  You can slice open a leaf rub the gel over your skin & voila!  Shave or moisturize away!

3. Mamas to Be Can Use to Combat Stretch Marks

Rubbing aloe on a growing belly can help reduce/prevent stretch marks.

Succulents are so easy to grow!  Make sure you have this handy plant on hand just in case.  The bonus is it’s beauty.  Form really does follow function.