How to Find Local Food in Philadelphia

Or Anywhere in the United States Thanks to This Genius Website: FarmPlate


About a decade ago I read the book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan.  It was truly a life changing experience.  I never realized how far removed we were from our food source until I read this book.  Sometimes when something like that clicks it sticks.  One of the hardest things for me in the beginning was sourcing better food on a budget (I was 19!).  I CARE about my health.  I want to live a very full life.  When I hear arguments about our government offering health insurance “to take care of us”, I agree in theory.  I just don’t see that they actually care.  If they did, our food labeling would be more rigorous, more truthful, more real.  Our food supply wouldn’t pollute our land or our bodies & it wouldn’t make people sick.  Organic labeling is downright confusing, sometimes misleading & drives the sticker price right up.  Over time I realized it was better for myself & the environment to buy local.  It is usually less expensive:  less packaging, less travel, less overhead, less waste.  Your local farmer often utilizes organic methods of farming but can’t afford or want to go through the process to obtain an organic food label.  You can actually see & speak to the farmer who grew your food.  You’re bound by climate, season, location & weather which give you less choices.  I don’t know about you but too many choices gives me anxiety, therefore, I’ve learned to actually enjoy making less decisions.


Geographically, we are very lucky in Philadelphia.  We are plunked right down in the middle of some fertile farmland on both sides of the river which gives us lots of  options albeit difficult to find.  FarmPlate is a website that aims to simplify the process &  I felt the need to share because I think it is genius.  You put in your location & you can find local sustainable foods right near you.  You can read their blog to find out what to do with the foods you buy.  You can find a CSA, a restaurant & the people who make this happen for you.  There are so many listings nearby! You can even submit a listing so it’s kind of like the traditional word of mouth just on a large national scale. I’m totally submitting Old City’s new Farmers Market because I hope & pray it sticks around.  Take the time to check FarmPlate out & find something convenient for you.  With this many choices a lifestyle change seems almost easy.