Millions of Peaches…..What to Do?

After a Highland Orchards Pick Your Own Expedition I Found Myself Saddled with 40 Pounds of Peaches

This is what I did.  I dusted off my Food in Jars cookbook, cracked opened a bottle of wine & got to work!  On the radar was peach jam & peaches in bourbon syrup (for quick holiday tarts).  I’ll say it again…if you want to can….get this book!  It’s amazing!!

How It All Went Down

Prep the Peaches

photo (23)

1. Prepare an ice water bath & a pot to boil water.

2. Make an x in the bottom of each peach.

3. Drop the peaches in the boiling water for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

4. Put the peaches in the ice water bath.

5. Slip the skins off, cut off any bruises & set aside.


If you want to make them follow the recipes above & make sure you adhere to safety principles when canning!


In the Pot Simmering Away


What It Looks Like When Done

Finished Product

photo (25)

Feeling very successful after this latest round of canning & my last canning adventure where I made blueberry jam.   I can’t wait to dip into these little gems of fruit mid winter & dream of summer.  Just because you live in Philadelphia doesn’t mean you can’t do a little urban style homesteading!