7 Things a Homeowner Should Do To Get Their Home Ready for Winter

Easy Guide to Getting Your Biggest Investment Ready for Winter

We work with a lot of first time home buyers in Philadelphia.  During the home inspection we try to offer lots of maintenance advice.  It can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be.  Fall is a great time to do these 7 things so you can rest easy this winter!

1. Check Your Outdoor Lighting7094583_xxl

It gets dark so early now this is a really easy time of year to do this

2. Get Your HVAC Serviced

This is the #1 tip my home inspector gives first time home buyers.  A home on a service plan is less likely to wait for a part in the middle of winter or dead of summer.  Furthermore, high efficiency machines all have different parts.  Parts on their last leg are often identified during the servicing.  Be proactive with this!  A/C may be a luxury but heat is crucial.

3. Find Leaky Entry Way Doors

Once it starts to get chilly wave your hand over the seams & see if you feel a draft or just look for light.  If you think your weatherstripping needs to be replaced you can have a handyman do it.  If you’re feeling handy bring a piece to your hardware store so you match it properly the first time.

4. Bring Any Furniture, Indoor Plants, Tools or Ceramic Pots Indoors

Scrub & store or cover your furniture to protect it from the elements. Clean your tools & store indoors.  Ceramic pots can crack when they freeze so you’ll want to store these in your basement.  Bring any plants that can live inside indoors & find them a nice sunny spot so they can make it through the winter.ice-69625_640

5. Check Your Roof

If you suspect there are any damaged areas or missing shingles get them fixed ASAP before winter storms come through.

6. Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause leaks.  This is obviously best done after all the leaves has fallen.  In Philadelphia, it’s best to hire a professional.  Going up 2/3/4 stories on a ladder is no joke & best left to a pro.

7. Shut Off Outdoor Water Sources

There should be an indoor shut off for your outdoor water sources.  Shut them off before it freezes!  You’ll also want to empty your hoses of any water.

Maintaining a home seems like a lot of work but it’s crucial to the health of your home which in most cases is your biggest investment!  Keep documentation of everything you do.  Some work may be warrantied & you will definitely want that information.  In the event you sell your home buyers love to see documentation on maintenance & it helps the seller get top dollar.