Thanksgivvukah: It Won’t Happen for Another 70,000 Years

So Enjoy It While It’s Here

Tomorrow, some of us get to celebrate two beloved holidays:  Thanksgiving & Hannukah.  This holiday mash up has spawned revamped classics that will make you do a double-take.

1. The Menurkey Menorah

This gem is made right over the bridge in New Jersey.  You can order one here.  It won’t make it in time but you never know when you will need a Menurkey.



2. This “American Gothic”/Thanksgivvukah Mash Up Poster by Modern Tribe

You can order this along with other fun Judaica here.


3. Mazel Tov Has Been Revamped as Gobble Tov

Clever, no?


The Huffington Post has an ADULT take on how to enjoy Thanksgivingukah….you can read that here if you’d like.