6 Ways to Help Your Agent Find Your Dream Home

Sharing Information is Crucial So You Are On the Same Page6  ways to help your agent identify your dream home in philly Jordan Brody & Co. First Time Home Buyer Advice Philadelphia Real Estate

Your agent is there to guide you through what can be a very emotional process & you want to be on the same page.  The more information you provide spelling out what you need, what you want, how you live, where you want to live & your financial situation the better geared your searches are to you.

1.  Envision How You Live in Your Home

Who lives with you & what kind of space do you need?  Do you entertain a lot?  Do you have a car?  How often do you use it?  What is your commute to & from work?  What kind of activities will you do in your home & what kind of space will they need?

Example:  You love to grown your own vegetables & will definitely want a space that gets good sun where you can have a little garden plot.

2. Identify Needs vs. Wants

The exercise above helps identify your needs vs. your wants.  You don’t want your agent to rule out what could be the perfect home because it doesn’t fit one of your wants.  You also want to be totally clear with your agent why something is a need so they can think outside the box should something special come up.

Example: You need 4 bedrooms.  If that 4th bedroom is for an office you technically don’t need a 4th bedroom, you need some sort of flex space.  You could probably make a 3 bedroom work if there was an extra space that could be an office such as a kitchen nook, a sitting room outside a master or a finished basement.

3. Identify Your Ideal Neighborhood

We all know Philly is really a city of neighborhoods & each neighborhood has its own special flavor.  Many people are very loyal to their neighborhoods & when they want to buy they immediately think of where they currently live.  If you tell your agent WHY you like the neighborhood(s) you do they may be able to find a neighborhood that you could end up  liking even better!

Example:  You are renting in Bella Vista & absolutely love the neighborhood but a 3 bedroom home is out of your price point.  Before immediately switching everything you want in your home try switching the neighborhood.  East Passyunk Crossing or Passyunk Square could be a good fit.

4. Know the Style of Home You Like

Show your agent pictures of homes you have taken with your phone or found online.  Maybe you did the open house circuit a few months before starting your search & a home that was on the market sticks out in your head.  Give your agent the address!  Visual clues are very helpful.

Example:  You like clean lines, an open floor plan & want everything to be relatively new.  Art Museum area Victorians are out!

5. Do Research in Your Price Range

Getting a pre approval & knowing the price range where you are comfortable is crucial in matching up your wants, needs & house style with your neighborhood.  Your agent can send you everything that is in the 350K-400K price point so you can see where the homes in your price point are & start narrowing down from there.

Example:  Up to 400K in Northern Liberties could mean a condo or no parking but it could get you everything you want in Fishtown or Old Kensington.

6. Feedback!

This is the good, the bad & the ugly.  Write notes on the home while on showings.  This is good so you can review when you get home & share your experience with your agent.  I hated the block.  I didn’t like the neighborhood.  The house needed too much work.  The more feedback you give the better your agent can get to know what you like.

Example:  You don’t mind fixing up a home over time.  The home you just saw is a total renovation in your eyes & you don’t want to deal with that much work.

If you are looking for your dream home, contact us, we would love to help!