More Snow: Shoveling Tips & Delays for Trash Pick Up In Philadelphia

How Much Do You Have to Shovel & When Will Your Garbage Be Picked Up


If your garbage & recycling usually get picked up on Friday this service will be suspended until Saturday 1/4 due to weather conditions.  Don’t put your trash out!

If you aren’t sure how much you need to shovel from your sidewalks the rule per Philadelphia code is a 36 inch path.  If you have a narrow sidewalk that is 3 feet or less the path may be 12 inches.  This should be done  within 6 hours once the snow stops falling.  Make sure to help out any elderly neighbors or people on your block who you know are on vacation due to the holiday.  Do your best to salt so those who have difficulty navigating an icy sidewalk don’t injure themselves.  A little salt goes a long way (too much salt can kill baby trees) & if you can get the pet friendly kind, even better.

If you need more information please head on over to the Philadelphia Streets Department website.

It’s going to be really cold so keep your eye out for people who may need your help.

Stay warm my friends!