Eating Great Meat Will Be Much Easier in Philadelphia

In the Mean Time:  How About Some Fried Chicken?

Kensington Quarters; a bar/restaurant/classroom/butcher shop mash up brain child of Michael Pasquarello (Cafe Lift, Prohibition Taproom & Bufad) & Brian Mayer (Brooklyn transplant & super star butcher) is opening soon in Fishtown at 1310 Frankford Avenue.  Now socially conscious yet carnivorous foodies will have a brick & mortar shop to revel in all things meat related.  There will be a classroom to learn about the (almost) lost art of butchering.  The butcher counter will be chock full of  local & pasture raised chicken, beef, lamb & heritage pork to prepare at home. If the idea of preparing the meat at home doesn’t sound like much fun there is a bar & restaurant where you can grab a drink while eating delicious meals at communal tables.  Unfortunately, construction is delayed so we are going to have to wait patiently for the actual space to open up.

Eating Great Meat Will Be Much Easier in Philadelphia In the Mean Time How About Some Fried Chicken Kensington Quarters Fishtown Jordan Brody & Co. Philadelphia Homes for Sale

Since Kensington Quarters is supposed to be open by now & Pasquarello has 200 chickens a week being raised especially for his butcher shop he found himself in a bit of a pickle.  As a man of his word he & chef who doesn’t like waste:  what in the world is he to do with 200 chickens?  The correct answer is feed Philly fried chicken.  So he is hosting the  fried chicken pop up shop 2.0 at Cafe Lift.  The first one was last Wednesday & it was delicious.  He also ran out of chicken.  Mission accomplished.  If you missed it you should go this week.

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