Brighten Up Your Home with Bulbs

Not the Ones That You Screw In:  The Flowering Kind

This winter has me dreaming of spring.  Spring makes me think of all kinds of wonderful things but flowering bulbs top the list.  I recently saw a new way of growing  them indoors which involves a wide mouth jar so you not only see the stem & flower but the roots as well.  Somebody must have read my mind because over the holidays I received one as a gift.  I was skeptical that it would bloom; but she did & she’s beautiful.  It is so easy.  Best part?  Since there is no dirt there is no mess.   Just fill the jar so it’s 3/4 full & place it in a sunny window.  Perfect project for the urban gardener!


I love that you can see the roots!  It makes it so easy to know when the plant needs water which makes it much easier to keep alive.  On top of cheering up these cold winter days  it also smells amazing.

I found a shop on Etsy that is selling pre chilled bulbs specifically for growing indoors (or outdoors if you have the space).  If you don’t have an appropriate vessel at home I bet you could find one on Etsy or at your local florist or thrift store.  Weck juice jars would work really well too.

Where to Find the Bulbs:

Botanical Art Etsy Shop

Where to Find the Jars:

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