Welcome Spring with a Deep Clean

Spring Cleaning:  the D.I.Y & Delegate Edition

I hate cleaning, however, in the throes of spring fever I love to get down & dirty & tackle some of the big things.  It just feels so good to throw open the windows & get winter OUT!  Here are a few of the things I’m doing myself in the coming weeks & the things I’ve decided are better delegated to a pro.


In Depth Dusting

Delegate – Fussy fixtures like a chandelier.  I am too clumsy!  Which is why I will probably never have a fussy chandelier.

D.I.Y. – Recessed lights, fans, vents, corners, moldings, the tops of walls & ceilings.

**Tips** Slip an old pillowcase over ceiling fan blades one at a time & wipe so the dust goes into the pillow case & not on the floor.  A feather duster with an extendable handle is perfect for recessed lights, ceilings, corners, moldings & walls.  The brush attachment on your vacuum followed by a wipe down with an all purpose cleanser will handle vents.

“10 Handy Dusting Tips” from Clean My Space

Window Treatments

Delegate – Draperies are going to a professional dry cleaner.

D.I.Y. – Blinds.

How To’s from the Web

“4 Somewhat Easy Ways to Clean Blinds” from I Dream of Clean
Blind Brush by Crate & Barrel

Window Washing

Delegate – Exterior.  I do not want to get hurt balancing on a ladder while wielding buckets of water, a sponge & a squeegee.  Leaded or stained glass windows.  They are delicate as well as expensive & can etch easily if you don’t use a pH neutral cleanser. Skylights.

D.I.Y. – Interior.

How To’s from the Web

“Washing Windows” from Martha Stewart
“How to Clean Windows Like a Pro” from This Old House

Upholstered Furniture

Delegate – Professional cleaning for upholstered furniture with delicate fabrics like silk or velvet that need it.  It’s definitely not needed yearly if you dust & vacuum regularly.

D.I.Y. – This brave soul is going to put her new steamer to work & attempt to steam clean her upholstered furniture.

WARNING:  You don’t want to ruin your upholstery.  Check out this Upholstery Care Guide from Martha Stewart to see the best way to clean by fabric.

How To From the Web

“How to Clean Cloth Upholstery” from How to Clean Stuff

Area Rugs

Delegate – Expensive area rugs should go to a professional cleaner.  You made a huge investment when you bought it.  Don’t try to do this one yourself.

D.I.Y. – Cotton rugs & a deep vacuum.

**Handy Tips** If your area rugs aren’t due for a professional cleaning a great way to deep clean them is to turn them upside down & vacuum the underside with the beater bar going or with a stiff bristle brush to dislodge any dust or dirt.  Then flip over & vacuum the top to remove anything that was dislodged.  You may want to pull up the rug pad & clean up the floor below as well.  Wash any cotton rugs you have in the washing machine.  If they don’t fit you could use the tub or a utility sink.  Then line dry.

How To from Around the Web

How to Clean an Area Rug by Better Homes & Gardens


Delegate – I wish.  If you find someone to clean your oven let me know; I’ll hire them to clean mine.

D.I.Y. – Green clean the interior.  You could use the self cleaning feature or an oven cleaner but I have heard such bad things about the chemicals that I’m scared of both.

How To’s from Around the Web

“Cleaning the Oven That’s Never Been Cleaned” from Apartment Therapy

“Clean Your Oven with an Overnight Pot of Water and Ammonia” from LifeHacker

Next in line is outside if it ever warms up.