Decor Suggestion: Bring the Indoors Out

4 reasons to treat your outdoor spaces like an extension of your home.

Don’t let Philadelphia’s short summers stop you from going all out outside.  In fact, I’d say a short summer season is a reason in itself to beautify your outdoor space.  Scroll down for some tips & photos for inspiration.  If you want to find a house with an awesome outdoor space, contact us, we’d love to help you!

  1. The short season!  Don’t you want to savor every last minute in a relaxing, comfortable & private space?  Public parks are great for people watching but lounging on your patio or deck is so much more relaxing.
  2. If your first floor has an open floor plan with a big slider or French doors to the patio your living space will appear SO much larger when it flows outdoors.
  3. You’ll use it more!  In cities a large outdoor space, balcony or roof deck will cost you some extra coin…so you want to use it!  Like, all the time.
  4.  You can eat al fresco or have a nightcap under the stars.  **sighs** 

Let's Get Ready for Summer

outdoor decorating tips & tricks

  1. Sunbrella brand fabrics are meant to withstand harsh outdoor conditions without fading or staining.  I’m on year 4 with my set & while they could look a little “fresher” I never bring them in & I scrub them maybe once a year.
  2. Teak furniture looks better as it ages (IMO but you can use teak oil or stain it for that rich look) & lasts forever.
  3. Outdoor rugs can make a huge difference if your patio is beat up & you want to hide it or you just want an awesome pop of color.
  4. Set the mood with lighting just like indoors.  Candles, fire pit, lanterns or string lights.  The options are limitless.
  5. The more you use your outdoors the more storage you will need.  Consider a potting bench, console or a storage ottoman.
  6. Use a similar color scheme indoors & out so the rooms flow together.
  7. If you think you have a black thumb but want to add some greenery succulents are so easy to grow.  Just bring them indoors when it starts to get cold so they don’t die.