Relocating to Philly? Stay Like a Local With Airbnb

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You probably know this but Philly is truly a city of neighborhoods. We’re like the 57 flavors of Baskin & Robbins. No one neighborhood is exactly alike & each one has its own distinct vibe. This is awesome for those who live here (I STILL love exploring our ‘hoods) but I could imagine would be totally confusing for someone relocating. Staying at a hotel in Rittenhouse Square when your style & your price point align more closely with, say a Fishtown or East Passyunk, isn’t going to help you get to know the Philly you’ll be living in. Why not try an Airbnb so you can wake up grab a coffee at the local spot & start exploring? You  might even save some coin because hotel rooms aren’t cheap. Here’s where to start.

do some neighborhood research

  • Our neighborhood pages have listings embedded in them so you can learn about the ‘hood & see what is available at the same time so you can see if what you like matches up with your price point.
  • Visit Philly is a great asset for those who are…duh…visiting Philly! Their neighborhood pages have great write ups & interactive maps.

found your potential new ‘hood?

Check out Airbnb & see if anything is available! You can search availability by a room, a shared room or the whole place (hey, maybe the fam is in town to help you decide). There are homes available in all different neighborhoods & you may get some great insight from your host or people you meet while exploring. Philadelphians are friendly…if you aren’t a jerk.

Places To Stay All Over Town

Places To Stay All Over Town


Don’t you love technology? Let us know if you are looking for a new place. We handle sales & rentals. We love Philly & we want you to love her & your new home. You can contact us here.