Buy Brand New or Renovate Round 2

is there any other way to make a big decision than a list of pros vs. cons?

We think not so we made one for you. We sell a lot of new construction. We come across a lot of buyers who want a new construction home but are considering renovating an existing home themselves. A previous post outlined the questions we ask our clients. For diving a little further into the topic we made a pros & cons list. Is there anything you would add to this? Shoot us an email or leave it in the comments!

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Maybe This One Needs Too Much Work?

pros & cons of new construction

  • open floor plans
  • tax abatement
  • virtually zero maintenance
  • energy efficient appliances & windows
  • some opportunity to customize
  • less risk for the homeowner since they won’t be managing construction
  • straightforward mortgage lending
  • less money out of pocket
  • move in ready
  • warranty for a minimum of one year
  • new building materials & techniques are not like those used 100 years ago
  • when the abatement period is up the annual tax bill is relatively unknown
  • eventually you will accrue maintenance costs just like any other home
  • may not like the “cookie cutter” designs of new construction or being a part of a development
  • could be delays in construction that are out of your control

pros & cons of renovating an existing home

  • charm & character (think leaded windows, elegant moldings, nooks & built ins)
  • old world building materials & techniques are unparalleled in quality (think hand mined Wissahickon schist or butter brick pointing)
  • building some sweat equity if you are handy
  • being able to customize down to the smallest detail
  • getting in ground floor in an established neighborhood
  • mature plantings & possibly a larger lot
  • change orders can drive costs up 
  • floor plans are not usually open
  • those charming windows could be drafty
  • old homes have settled & aren’t perfectly level
  • construction usually takes longer than expected
  • expect to make lots of decisions both big & small
  • cede some semblance of control over your daily life 
  • if you live in the home during construction consider lead paint & the inconvenience 
  • borrowing construction money as a lay person is difficult
So, what do you think? New construction or take on a renovation project yourself? If you’re looking for something specific, we’d love to help you find it! Contact us here & let us know what you’re looking for!