Trend Tuesday: The High Tech Home

up the resale ante with high tech upgrades for your home

trend tuesday the high tech home jordan brody realtor philadelphia

U Socket – A Simple Upgrade That Adds Major Convenience

High tech upgrades may not be as sexy as a kitchen reno but they go a long way with younger buyers. The younger generation of home buyers are hooked into their smart phones, are tech savvy & quite a few work from home. Builders, developers & sellers are wise to take heed. Philadelphia was recently placed in the top 5 most affordable housing markets for Millennials so the person who buys your home might be a part of this demographic. High tech can translate to high dollar, but not these! There are quite affordable & offer great value to the homeowner as well.

u socket

Take the u socket. This one definitely doesn’t break the bank but adds a whole lot of convenience. They cost around $30.00 (plus the cost of install if you are as un-handy as I am) & work just like a regular electrical outlet except that they have 2 USB ports. Instead of having to plug in your accessory with the charger & lose an outlet you can plug the USB right into the outlet & charge your accessory from there. Adding a U socket could be a great idea for a home office, bedroom or kitchen.

smart thermostat

The most popular & highly rated smart thermostat comes from Nest but there are multiple options for consumers. Nest costs right around $250.00 but they save families an average of $300 – $400 annually on heating & cooling bills.

smart home security

This one is more pricey & the more bells & whistles you add the pricier it gets. There are basic models that have some interesting features like A.T.&T.’s digital life.  You can get the upgraded package which enables remote access through your smart phone, tablet or computer. It allows a homeowner to double check that you locked your door & armed the alarm. On top of home security you can add cameras to your package so you can keep your eye on your home from afar. The camera will start filming or take a snapshot when it detects motion.

energy efficient appliances & systems

In recent polls buyers have stated that energy efficiency is of the utmost importance. Energy efficient appliances, mechanical systems or windows are big draws for buyers. If you have to upgrade some of your appliances or put in new windows definitely consider the models energy efficiency when doing research.