Do You Live In Philly & Want a Free Tree?

if you have a yard register now (or by september 30th)…pick up is in early october!

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Tree Lined Swath of Delancey Street

Do you want to turn your back or side yard into a mini urban oasis? Is the only thing missing some lush greenery from a tree? Register with Tree Philly by September 30th for a free yard tree. P.S. small yards can still apply…you just want to find the proper species. Tree Harmony (see what they did there) has a clever little quiz you can take to find you & your homes perfect tree match. If quizzes make you want to poke your eyeballs out here are the eligible tree species.

register for a free yard tree here!

No yard? No problem! You can request an individual sidewalk tree through Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. This option takes a little longer because an arborist will have to come inspect the site to determine the proper species, make a curb cut & order all trees in advance. If you put an application in now you could possibly have one for a Spring 2015 planting.

request an individual sidewalk tree here!

Want to make a huge impact in your neighborhood? If you can get at least 5 signatures (the more the better) you could coordinate a planting for your whole block. Tree Philly will help you get block support if needed. Deadline for this is September 30th for a Spring planting or April 3oth for a fall planting.

learn how to get your block lined with trees here!

Don’t forget about the Philadelphia Horticultural Society as a resource for free sidewalk trees. If you or someone from your community is part of the Tree Tenders group you can register for a mass neighborhood planting. You need at least 10 people who want trees & it must go through a Tree Tenders group. You can receive anywhere from 10-100 trees depending on amount of tree tenders in your neighborhood & experience tending the trees.

become a neighborhood tree tender

find a tree tenders group near your neighborhood

application for free trees through phs

Deadline for this application is October 27th for an April 25th/26th of 2015 planting.

why get a tree?

Tree lined streets are not just beautiful they offer numerous benefits to residents & the environment. Trees clean our air & water, offer shade, reduce storm water run off & soil erosion, reduce utility consumption & help battle the heat island effect in the hot summer months. Some of your neighbors may be wary of trees. Try to understand why before jumping to conclusions. Back in the day trees were planted that weren’t appropriate in an urban environment. They messed with plumbing, overhead electrical wires & they cracked sidewalks with large root systems that homeowners had to fix. Through careful vetting of species Philadelphia has determined site specific species that won’t cause these problems. This is why our Streets Department requires an arborist to check each & every site before they drop off a tree.