Adventures in Organizing-Taming The Spice Rack

This year I am taking baby steps to organization starting with my spice drawer. Inspiration struck when I realized Penzey’s opened up down the street at the Bourse but also because my spices were in complete & utter disarray which made cooking a huge pain in the you know what. I searched high & low for functional yet inexpensive containers & I feel like I struck gold with these tins from Specialty Bottle Co. With the  help of a friends label maker I feel like I finally got things under control. I gotta say…cooking has been much more pleasurable.


step 1 – streamline containers

First things first, say good bye to mis-matched containers. I wanted a sleek look where I can see what I have (or need) at a glance. I eventually decided on these compact tins from from Specialty Bottle. I went with the square version in both the 4 oz & 8 oz size so I could have the option of storing them on their sides. In hindsight I would have gone with all 8 oz. I was okay with the clear top because I will be storing them in a cabinet. If you plan on leaving them out you will want a container that keeps the light out since spices are light sensitive.


step 2 – break out the label maker

I borrowed a label maker from a friend at work so that I could have nice clean labels which I placed on the side (upside down) so I can read the label easily when they are on their side. Looks kind of funny when they are right side up but once put away they are super easy to read.


step 3 – put everything away & pat yourself on the back

Look how neatly they fit together. For now these will be stored in a drawer (out of the light) & away from the stove (away from the heat). The beauty of the tin container (besides being neat & tidy) is that they are magnetic. I am considering mounting them on a magnetic knife rack or a magnetic sheet on the inside of one of my cabinets to free up a drawer.


No more hunting for spices or buying double at my beloved Penzey’s.