February Gardening Tip

sprinkle poppy seeds around for a spring showIMG_2928

Did you know that Valentines day is the perfect time of year to sprinkle poppy seeds in your Philly garden? Poppies need a good hard freeze to germinate. I sprinkled these varieties this time last year in the pots on my roof deck & forgot about them. I didn’t think anything was happening until early Spring when I saw small little green shoots popping out all over the place.

1. Sprinkle poppy seeds in a spot in your garden that gets full sun. They are a great candidate for roof decks. I sprinkled in pots over flowers I had growing already. Don’t cover them with dirt they need to get as much sun as possible. Also, you can’t be too precise, since the seeds are tiny they are going to move around. You can even sprinkle them over melting snow.

2. Once the green shoots emerge thin them out trying to disrupt the soil as little as possible.

3. Wait for them to burst open in late spring/early summer in a riot of color. Their paper thin petals aloft delicate stems are so beautiful.



4. Once their bloom period is over let them dry out. Once dry, tap them on a sheet of paper to get the seeds out & save them in an envelope in a cool, dry & dark place for next year.

Saving Poppy Seeds for Next Spring