Streamline the Buying Process

5 ways you can make buying a home easier

Daylight savings is this weekend. Which means so many showings! Get yourself prepared. Home buying doesn’t need to be stressful. Get prepared, stay organized & hire a Realtor you trust.

1. get pre approved

You NEED to know your finances before you go out to look at homes. You need to understand down payments, mortgage programs & your price point. Here are 12 things to do & not to do when you are getting a mortgage.

2. sit down with your agent to come up with a plan

Before you go see anything sit down with your agent to go over exactly what you want & don’t want. Figure out how this fits into the budget & stick to it. It’s easy to get sidetracked. Once sidetracked confusion ensues. Always.

3. take notes & pictures – but keep them organized

Take notes while you’re on showings & feel free to take photos. If you really like something feel free to take a measurement or five. Keep them organized. Draft an email with the address as the subject line, type in your notes or measurements & attach the photos.

4. eliminate ones you don’t like immediately

If there is a home that you wouldn’t buy even if someone paid you to, just eliminate it immediately.

5. give your realtor feedback

Tell us everything. You will not hurt your agents feelings. We live for this…it gives us direction. Just wait until you leave the home to trash the place. You never know when a nosy seller is hanging around.

Ladies-wear comfortable shoes!