Seller Tip: Open House Precautions

protect your privacy & belongings during open houses

In Philly, come April, the market is in full swing & the buyers are out in droves so we tend to host a lot of Open Houses. Spring Open Houses can get really busy which is why we always encourage our clients to take the following precautions before we host an Open House at their property.


1. put away valuables

Hide anything of value that can easily fit in a pocket. This means jewelry, small electronics & silver or antiques should all be squirreled away somewhere safe. Check for them right when you get home.

2. protect your privacy

Put away any documents like checks, bank statements, credit cards, tax forms or social security information.  Take any medications you don’t want nosy neighbors to see out of the medicine cabinet & hide them. Shut down your computer & make sure that it is password protected.

3. lock up anything dangerous

If you have a firearm or weapon of any kind make sure it is locked up tight.

Taking these three precautions plus prepping your home so it looks its best will ensure Open House success this spring. If you are thinking about selling a home this Spring the time is now to get it on the market & we would love to help you achieve your goals.

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