How to Get Free Street Trees from PHS

tree lined blocks are the best!

Follow the steps below. If your home is eligible & you have an active PHS Tree Tenders group planning a group planting this fall you may just have a brand new baby tree outside your home come November 14th. Applications are due by May 3rd!

1. check your sites eligibility

See “is your home eligible” below.

2. find your neighborhood tree tender group

Click here to find your neighborhood on the PHS Tree Tender Group map. Reach out to the person in charge & see if they are planning a planting in the fall.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.01.24 PM

3. fill out this application by may 3rd

Fill out this application by May 3rd. You must be the property owner!


4. hand in the application to your tree tenders group

Do not send to PHS! Send it to your neighborhood Tree Tender group.

5. tell your neighbors about it!

You could have a block full of baby trees come November 14th which is the scheduled planting day.

6. volunteer on the planting day

Help your Tree Tenders group plant all these baby trees. Many hands make for light work.

is your home eligible?

This information is right from the application.

  • In the requested site, there is space for a minimum 3×3-foot tree pit size; larger where possible.
  • The site does not have an existing tree that will require a permit to remove. *(If there is a large tree in place, you need to apply for a removal permit with PPR before applying for a new tree for the site)*
  • The site is not in front of new construction, or is not in the process of construction to the exterior.
  • The site is not in front of steps, doorways, or alleyways, or between handicapped parking signs.
  • The site is not in front of homes that are posted for sale.
  • The site is 30 or more feet from stop signs, traffic lights, and street corners.
  • The site is 15 or more feet from light poles, utility poles, and fire hydrants.
  • The site allows for 15-30 feet from other trees (depending on mature size and form).
  • The site is at least 5 feet from driveways, man-hole covers, storm drains, and main utility lines.
  • The edge of the requested tree pit could be at least 18 inches from utility lines (or soil must be dug by hand).
  • The edge of the requested tree pit could be at least 36 inches (3 feet) from steps, stoops, or walls to allow 3 feet of unobstructed sidewalk. (This is mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act.)

why are trees such a big deal?

When the proper specimens of trees are planted in urban areas there are so many benefits. They help to clean the air, break up the “heat island” effect that makes cities feel so brutal in the summer, manage stormwater runoff AND for us real estate minded people they can increase property values. Buyers view homes in neighborhoods with tree lined blocks more positively than they do homes in neighborhoods without trees.

Top 22 Benefits of Trees from

Benefits of Trees from