Fall Outside of Philly

Like most cities, living in Philadelphia has tons of perks: being able to walk everywhere or hop on the subway, surrounded by restaurants & shops and constantly finding new things to do & new places to visit. But every now and then comes the urge to leave the chaotic streets of the city behind and escape to the quiet, serene towns just outside of Philadelphia. These small towns are great for an impromptu day trip whether you live in Center City or the North East. All no more than an hour away, here are just a few of the many neighboring towns to visit this fall.


photo cred Patrick Nouhailler-Flickr

photo cred Patrick Nouhailler-Flickr

Princeton is best known for the University established in 1756. About an hour drive from Philadelphia or a quick 20 min train ride from Amtrak’s 30th Street Station. The University itself is an incredible campus to walk through. The buildings architecture is impressive in both size and attention to detail, surrounded by open fields and lush trees. For outdoor adventure you’ll have plenty of options like rowing, hiking or biking on the many nearby trails while downtown Princeton offers a full variety of shopping with galleries, boutiques and restaurants.

new hope/lambertville

photo cred Bosc d'Anjou-Flickr

photo cred Bosc d’Anjou-Flickr

Separated by a 1,000 foot bridge, these two artist towns are close in distance, but two very different destinations. About 45 min outside of Philadelphia, Lambertville is a historic community settled in 1705. The Victorian & Federal row homes are unique and well maintained. Local businesses consist of mostly galleries and studios with boutiques and restaurants nestled between. Across the bridge, New Hope is more geared toward quirky collections of antiques, art and crafts. This fall, try walking the path along the Delaware Canal!

chestnut hill

photo cred Dan Reed-Flickr

photo cred Dan Reed-Flickr

Only 30 minutes from Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill has something for everyone. From fashion to home furnishings, you’re sure to find what you need in one of more than 50 boutiques. Unlike some small towns that are more active during specific seasons, Chestnut Hill has activities that attract tourists and locals alike year round. (Check out the Harry Potter Festival this October!) While the shopping and attractions are always worthwhile, it’s the homes of Chestnut Hill that are a must see. From colonial to contemporary the architecture and scenery are simply stunning with the backdrop of autumn.

Already a visitor of the towns above? Try Doylestown, Mt. Airy & Ambler for more fall destinations.