Leaf It To The City

leaf collection and recycling schedule in philadelphia


One of the benefits of city living is the minimal yard work for the standard townhouse.  While Philly residents generally have less outside space to take care of, even the tiniest yard can produce a decent sized leaf pile.

Leaves left to pile up can cause damage to the grass and plants underneath.  If you have a patio, they are a breeding ground for bugs and pests like spiders, centipedes, ants and flies – the last thing you want invading your home!

Philadelphia makes it easy to rid your home of leaves this fall with the 2015 Leaf Collection Recycling Program.  Every Saturday from 9am-3pm, November 14-December 19th, the streets department will be accepting bagged leafs for recycling at 23 locations throughout the city.  In order to participate, leaves must be placed in biodegradable brown paper bags which can be purchased at hardware stores, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.

In addition to the recycling program, the streets department does a Mechanical Leaf Collection.  Based on your area, crews use leaf blowers, sweepers and vacuums to pick up leaves in large amounts.  Check out the schedule map on the website to find out if/when the collection will cover your area.

Of course, bagging and placing your leaves curbside on trash day is the quickest way to rid your home of leaf piles.   However, according to the Philadelphia streets website, choosing the recycling program reduces the amount of materials that reach the waste stream and saves landfill space.  So in the spirit of brotherly love, show your love for Philadelphia and recycle!
Leaf Heart