Giving Back: Where to Volunteer This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving to New Years is such an exciting time.  Spending time with family, festive activities and great food are just a few of our favorite things during the Holiday season.   We are so lucky to be able to indulge with family and friends but what is important to remember is how others are not as fortunate.  Every day in Philadelphia people are going hungry.  You may see them asking for change or spare food as you head to work, but those who need help aren’t always so obvious.

Homeless Hungry

photo cred Adrian Miles-Flickr

This Thanksgiving, turn your attention to others by volunteering!  There are many ways to get involved in your community.  Whether it’s donating food and clothing or serving a Thanksgiving meal to the homeless, volunteering can change someones life.

Philabundance is one of the more popular resources for providing food and help to Philadelphia’s hungry.  Check out their website for more information on how to give back.  With 750,000 people facing hunger in the Delaware Valley, every bit helps.

Philabundance Logo
The Homeless Shelter Directory website has a huge list of shelters and service organizations and how you can help.

Homeless Shelter Directory
The Coalition Against Hunger provides a list of organizations that are looking for volunteers, interns and employees.

Coaltion Against Hunger Logo

These are just three of the many resources available to help give back this holiday season.  Go online or to your nearest community center for more information and ways to get involved.  Just one day of your time can change lives and bring happiness to others.

photo cred Cydcor-Flickr