White Christmas? Keep Dreamin’


It’s been unusually warm here in Philadelphia.   The weather has barely touched freezing here in the city and while the first day of winter didn’t officially start until yesterday, we were expecting at least some frost by now.  While mornings have been somewhat chilly, there’s a feeling of disappointment throughout Philadelphia as Christmas gets closer and the weather gets warmer.  The inconvenience and hassle of snow fades during the holidays as children and their parents alike crave the Hallmark White Christmas.  This year, it would take a Christmas miracle to get snow tomorrow as the forecast shows a high of 73 degrees!

It was quite the opposite during Christmas in Philadelphia in 1909.  21 inches of snow fell over 23 hours from December 25-26th.  The lack of coal caused the city to nearly shut down completely as businesses and residences were not able to receive their standard shipments.  More than 100 years later, snow storms like the one in 1909 are more likely to cause movie marathons.  And while we’re relieved shoveling snow won’t be the start to our Christmas morning this year, hot chocolate in 70 degree weather just isn’t the same.

From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and happy holiday!

Summer Santa