Christmas Clean Up: How to Recycle Your Tree

Christmas Trash

The holidays are officially over.  Presents have been given and the countdown to 2016 is long gone.  Most of us are starting the New Year by settling back into the regular work week and fighting off the post-holiday blues.  It’s also the time many of us begin to pack up ornaments and prepare to part with the Christmas trees that have brightened our homes this December.  For those that own artificial trees, boxing up the tree for storage is an easy and quick process.  But for those who purchased or cut a fresh tree this year, you may be wondering the best way to dispose it.  What many don’t know is Christmas trees are biodegradable and can be recycled!  So before throwing your tree to the curb, consider these alternatives:


Philadelphia offers a Christmas Tree Recycling Program.  From January 4th through January 16th from 8am-6pm, residents can drop their tree off at one of six recycling centers.  There will be 23 additional locations for drop offs on January 9th & January 16th from 9am-3pm.  Click the link below for more details on drop off locations and times.

Mulching Programs chip and shred trees to make mulch for your garden.  You can choose to do so on your own if you or a neighbor own a chipper.  They can also be used as compost for your yard.  However with limited yard and garden space at the common Philadelphia home, using your tree for mulch and compost may not be an option.  If you are trying to recycle but can’t make it to one of the drop off locations, check with your local nonprofit organization as they will often pick up the tree for you for a small fee.

Taking out your tree for the standard trash pickup may be the easiest option but think of all the trees being taken out for trash this year.  If you don’t have the means to recycle your Christmas tree, consider purchasing an artificial tree now that most holiday items are on sale!  They are easy to store and help avoid the mess of cleaning up pine needles.

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