S’no Escaping It: Winter is here – How to Prep

Couple Snow

With Philly’s first snow fall this past weekend, it finally feels like winter.  While the snow barely stuck to the ground, Philadelphia residents are beginning to prep for upcoming snow that may be more severe.  With 20 degree weather days and more snow on the forecast, residents are getting out their shovels and supplies.  With a little help from the Philadelphia Streets Department, we have all your snow concerns covered with tips and tricks for winter 2016.


Rock SaltSalting your driveway and sidewalk is important for the safety of you, your family and those walking by.  De-icing salt helps to melt snow and ice while generating traction in slippery areas.  Salt can be purchased at your local grocery store, hardware store or popular retailer such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.  It is best to spread salt as soon as snow begins to accumulate in addition to after shoveling.


Shoveling snow is like any other strenuous exercise, so take proper precautions before putting on your gloves.  Stretch before you shovel and help those who have more of a difficult time shoveling like the elderly or disabled.  Shoveling frequently during a snow storm can help reduce the weight that occurs when trying to shovel all at once.  If you drive in the city, leave a shovel and window scraper in your car along with a heavy pair of gloves and rock salt.  This is especially helpful if you park on the street not directly in front of your home.


Snow Car
If it’s snowing, it’s always recommended to avoid driving.  Living in a city is great in the winter because of the opportunity to use public transportation instead of getting in your car.  It’s safer, warmer and best of all: no shoveling required!  If you must drive in the snow, do so with caution and make sure your car is completely clear of snow and ice before hitting the road.

At Home:

If snow is in the forecast, prepare in advance to avoid last minute issues.  Stock up on the basics at the grocery store, get your shovel/gloves/rock salt handy and make sure your utilities are working properly.  Stay updated by tuning into your local news or radio station.

For tips and tricks and a complete list of do’s and dont’s – head to http://www.philadelphiastreets.com/highways/snow .