Winter Pet Safety

Snow Dog

After this weekend’s snow storm, we’re all feeling the chill.  With winter boots, hats, gloves and waterproof outwear, staying warm and dry during the winter is generally easy to do.  Our pets however are not so lucky.  Cold weather has just as much of an affect on our pets as us, sometimes even more so as their skin and paws are exposed to the harsh chemicals of salt and bitter cold that we are protected from.  In order to keep your pets safe and healthy this winter, check out these tips to keep you and your furry family members warm and cozy.

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  • The dry heat in your home can cause the uncomfortable winter itch that affects so many of us during colder months. If needed, purchase a humidifier to keep you and your pet healthy.  For more information on dry heat and humidifiers, take a look at our blog post from early this winter.
  • Bring them inside! If the weather feels cold to you, it will be for your pet as well.  Keeping your pet outside in the winter can cause serious health issues or worse.  In fact, in some cities leaving your pet outside is considered animal cruelty.  So bring them in and keep warm together for the next couple months.
  • Deicing chemicals and salt are very dangerous to your pet. Salt can become embedded in their paws causing stinging, irritation and, if licked off during cleaning, toxic.  After walks, make sure to thoroughly clean their paws of frozen ice and salt.
  • Not all dogs have the same winter protection built into their fur. Depending on the breed, many pets require sweaters and coats to keep them warm.  Even winter boots for pets are now available to keep their paws dry and clean.  Exposed areas like noses, ears and paws can get frostbite not to mention the risk of hypothermia.

Speak out/help out. If you see animals being kept outside in the cold, say something.  Contact the owner or your local animal shelter for assistance.

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