Fab Listing: Fireplace Design on Catharine Street


314-320 Catharine St Unit
Philadelphia, PA 19147


1 Bed/1 Bath
12′ High Ceilings
Sound Proof Dry Wall
Custom Built-Ins

In the spirit of Winter, we’ll be featuring listings with fireplaces for our weekly Fab Listings of February. Winter is the best time to enjoy being home, kick back and get cozy by the fireplace. From simple and sleek to fireplaces that are the centerpiece of the home, Philly’s Homes will be feeling the warmth all month long.

For our first Fab Listing of February, check out this room dividing fireplace in Queen Village.  It’s rare to see a fireplace in the center of the room, especially with open floor plans dominating new construction and renovated homes.  For this condo however, the position of the fireplace works perfectly to separate the space and give an illusion of more rooms.  At 800 sq ft, having a natural partition like this fireplace will provide the buyer with more options for the main living area.

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