Office Evolution: Bringing Your Work Home In Style


The workplace is changing.  Even the largest companies are changing their office layout to make employees more comfortable and engaged.  Pixar, Google and TOMS are just three examples of companies breaking out of the traditional office mold to provide a better quality of work life and therefore, better quality work.  From game rooms to sleep zones to slides instead of stairs – fluorescent lighting and cubicles are being phased out.

Not all businesses can afford the playful atmosphere that Pixar employees are lucky to experience, but they are moving forward with technology.  With the cloud and the ability to access computers remotely, the home office is becoming an increasingly popular option for 9-5’ers.  Earlier this month, we discussed new trends in 2016 and the demand for office space from new home buyers.  Desks, chairs and even office supplies are being picked up by high end designers like Kate Spade, to transform the home office into a space that fits in effortlessly with the rest of your house.

If you don’t work in a field that is computer based and the option to work from home isn’t possible, having a desk or office is still a great place to stay organized.  Use the area to store all your personal paperwork like utility bills and bank statements.  No extra room?  No problem!  You don’t need a large desk to be efficient.  The space can even be multi-functional with the right storage.  Keep a roll of brown paper handy and transform your desk into an art station for the kids or use a mirror as a backdrop for a convenient make up vanity.

Think outside the cubicle, get creative and start a winter project by creating an office in your home.  Below are several examples of stylish desks and accessories along with inventive ways to set up your space.

For A Small Space


For A Large Space


A Desk for Every Style

Trendy Supplies