Open Floor Plan: 3 Reasons to Keep the Wall

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If you’ve been browsing for a new home, thinking of remodeling the one you have or a fan of home improvement shows, then you’ve heard of the open floor plan.  For many, an open floor plan design for your home is a no brainer and a must-have when shopping for a new one.  People rave about the positives; you can watch your kids play while making dinner, your home will most likely have more light, feel more spacious and it encourages interaction and socializing in an increasingly digital world.

With all these benefits, could the open floor plan trend ever go out of style?

In an ideal world, an open floor plan would create a sense of togetherness in your home; where families bond and laugh after a long day of work or school.  For many, the open floor plan does just does that.  But for others, after that long day of demanding bosses and endless responsibilities, some just want time for themselves: to have a place to go for privacy if only for a short time.  More and more, designers, real estate agents and home owners are realizing the benefits of separate spaces.  Below are three popular reasons why the open floor plan may be on its way out and why you should think twice before knocking down the wall.

Kitchen Hazard:

Not everyone wants to chit chat while cooking.  In fact it can be downright dangerous having a conversation while chopping, dicing or frying up your next meal.  Being able to watch your children while making dinner may seem like a convenient set up, but having a toddler running around or being distracted while handling sharp knives or hot pans can be a recipe for disaster.

No Hiding:

If you like to entertain, an open floor plan may seem ideal as you have the ability to cook while interacting with your guests. But what about the mess you didn’t get to before they arrived?  No throwing it all in the den.  With an open floor plan there’s no hiding any mess whether it’s your most recent art project gone wrong or the turkey you dropped 5 minutes before company arrives.  With separate rooms, homeowners can designate spaces for different purposes.  Formal living room for fancy get-togethers, TV/family room for cozy movie nights or a flex space for your kids play room or exercise equipment.

Dog Mess

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Trending designs don’t work for everyone. Even if you like the design of an open floor plan, the layout may not be the best fit for you.  Consider your family type and size.  If you have a lot of children or teenagers living in the home, the noise level could get fairly high.  Without walls to separate the space, pets, musical instruments and noisy electronics could stop you from relaxing in a quiet area to read a book or watch your favorite show.

Loud Living Room

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Every home and family are different.  What works perfectly for some may be impossible for others.  Remember to take into consideration a variety of factors before making any costly decisions.