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Renting With Pets: How to Prepare

Philadelphia homes for sale Almost all of us here at Philly's Homes are pet owners.  Even with our various household types we have all been very lucky to live in homes that accommodate our pets.  While some of us rent and some own, having a pet in the city can be very difficult.  Whether it’s a landlord that doesn’t allow pet’s period or a home without enough space, finding your new home can be even more frustrating than usual when trying to move with...Continue Reading!

Springin’ In The Rental Season

Philadelphia homes for sale Spring is in the air!  It may not be official until the 20th, but we’re feeling the warm weather and sunshine in Philly.  If you’re looking to enjoy all the perks of spring in Philadelphia now is the prime time to scout your new home! The peak rental season for most cities are the spring months.  Most Colleges and Universities' spring semester ends around April/May.  With schools dismissing for summer, students begin to pack up and move out of their off campus...Continue Reading!