Renting With Pets: How to Prepare

Cat at Home

Almost all of us here at Philly’s Homes are pet owners.  Even with our various household types we have all been very lucky to live in homes that accommodate our pets.  While some of us rent and some own, having a pet in the city can be very difficult.  Whether it’s a landlord that doesn’t allow pet’s period or a home without enough space, finding your new home can be even more frustrating than usual when trying to move with your 4 legged family member.  No one wants to have to give up their pet to get the perfect home.  With the spring rental season just around the corner, be prepared for the pet challenge.  Below, we put together some tips, tricks and resources for when it’s time for you to go on the home hunt.

Start Early:

Some landlords and management companies will list available rentals as far out as 2-3 months from the move in date.  Use this time to your advantage, especially when the market is competitive.  Even the most well trained pets can cause damage to the interior of a home.  So if a landlord has the choice between pet owners and those without, they will favor applicants that do not own cats or dogs.  Being prepared to search early on will you give ample time to not only find the perfect place, but one that will allow your pet too!

Be Prepared:

Even if a rental is being listed with no pets, there is always wiggle room.  Offering a pet deposit can be a huge incentive to landlords and of course, the higher the better.  Some listings that allow pets may ask for a deposit, so be ready to bring some extra money to the table.  If the deposit is negotiated to be refundable, laying out the extra money for your pet is well worth it.  Your pet will thank you too!  To go the extra mile, ask your current and past landlords for references and submit them with your application.  It will show the new landlord that you and your pet will keep their property in good condition.

Go The Extra Mile:

In addition to your landlord references, reach out to your Veterinarian for a vet recommendation.   They can add to your pets appeal noting flea and tick prevention, history of behavior and proof of neuter/spay.  Include any documentation of training or obedience classes. Snap a few photos of your pet in your current home.  Attach all references to the application when handing in for consideration.  Obtaining these documents can only help your chances of being approved for the home or apartment you are looking to rent.

Having trouble finding apartments that allow pets?  Check out the links below for websites for listings and management companies that are pet friendly.