Parkadelphia: A Visual Guide to Parking in Philly

Philadelphia Parking Map

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Parkadelphia is an interactive online guide designed to present visual data mapping parking information on a block-by-block basis. Working with data provided by Philadelphia Parking Authority and the City of Philadelphia, Parkadelphia’s creator Lauren Ancona, a data scientist for the City’s Office of Innovation and Technology, is working to develop the site into an app that will let users know of any parking regulations (meters, permits, etc.) in a specific location.

But with any new technology, there are flaws and user criticism. Inputting a vast amount of data is only one feat Ancona had to accomplish. Now it is up to the community to contribute their local parking knowledge.

Reddit users were quick to critically analyze the site’s limited abilities including its lack of color guide and informational defects due to the enormous amount of constant changes in regulation. However, Ancona is using viewer observation to further develop Parkadelphia’s initiatives. Ancona is continuously maintaining and updating the site which includes information spanning from residential parking zones and metered streets to city parking lots and motorcycle friendly locations. She is in the process of developing a feature that will illustrate the most in-demand parking areas.

Parkadelphia will soon expand and perfect itself thanks to community engagement.  You can help Parkadelphia speed up the process by providing feedback on the site so information not accessible by data can be added to optimize its functionality.  In time, you will be able to provide out-of-town visitors information on where to park for free.  Much better than having to explain it to them as they endlessly circle your block!