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Real Estate Tax Deductions

Philadelphia homes for sale deductions make tax season slightly more palatable There are tax benefits for home owners who file a tax return with itemized deductions can realize. These are the basics. If you decide to file an itemized tax return a good CPA is your best friend. 1. mortgage interest Most buyers get a mortgage to buy a home. Monthly mortgage payments are made up of two parts; principal & interest. In the early years of a loan the majority of the monthly payment goes towards the interest which...Continue Reading!

Streamline the Buying Process

Philadelphia homes for sale 5 ways you can make buying a home easier Daylight savings is this weekend. Which means so many showings! Get yourself prepared. Home buying doesn't need to be stressful. Get prepared, stay organized & hire a Realtor you trust. 1. get pre approved You NEED to know your finances before you go out to look at homes. You need to understand down payments, mortgage programs & your price point. Here are 12 things to do & not to do when you are getting a mortgage. 2. sit down with your...Continue Reading!

3% Down Conventional Mortgage Are Back

Philadelphia homes for sale super low down payments no longer confined to the fha 3.5% down program The most major difference between a 3.5% down FHA loan & a 3% down Conventional loan lies with that pesky little thing called mortgage insurance. Any borrower putting down less than 20% is on the hook for mortgage insurance (called MIP for FHA & PMI for Conventional borrowers). Here's the kicker, when a conventional borrower reaches the 20%-22% equity in their home (by way of a current appraisal) they are...Continue Reading!

Clearing Up The “Sellers Assist”

Philadelphia homes for sale major misnomer: a confusing term that should probably be renamed A sellers assist is a great financial tool for buyers to save money up front by being able to put less money down at closing for the purchase of their new home. A buyer may have a number of reasons for using the sellers assist; they may be short the cash needed to close or they want to use the funds for improvements to the home or they want to keep the money...Continue Reading!

Buy Brand New or Renovate Round 2

Philadelphia homes for sale is there any other way to make a big decision than a list of pros vs. cons? We think not so we made one for you. We sell a lot of new construction. We come across a lot of buyers who want a new construction home but are considering renovating an existing home themselves. A previous post outlined the questions we ask our clients. For diving a little further into the topic we made a pros & cons list. Is there anything you would...Continue Reading!

Burning Buyer Question: Buy Brand New or Renovate

Philadelphia homes for sale realtor tip: ask yourself the following questions I can't tell you how many times a buyer has asked us which is the better option. Answer: there isn't a superior option. Determining what is right for a client is not only very personal it is highly situational. While there are opportunities to customize new construction there is serious opportunity to put your stamp on a full renovation. Any way you look at it the desire to personalize a home runs strong & we are happy to work with...Continue Reading!

Buyer Dilemma: You Found The Perfect Home…But It’s Not Done Yet

Philadelphia homes for sale when new construction actually means pre construction You saw the plans & the specs, maybe you even saw a model home. You love the location & you really want to put an offer in...but it's not finished! There are so many questions running through your head. When will it be done? What if it looks different from the model? What are the finishes going to be? Which brings me to this:  how do you protect yourself when buying pre construction? 1. dig up any info...Continue Reading!

5 Things You Need To Know BEFORE You Buy That Condo

Philadelphia homes for sale a little investigative work can save you a lot of trouble Condos are the perfect choice for the buyer that doesn't want to deal with the exterior maintenance that comes along with buying a single family home.  Condos are great for first time home buyers just getting their feet wet in home ownership, people who want to downsize or those who work or travel a lot.  Since shared living space also means sharing the cost of maintenance & improvement as well as delegating some major decisions to a...Continue Reading!

3 Home Inspection Items To Not Freak Out Over

Philadelphia homes for sale you found your dream home:  don't let these common items kill the deal No first time home buyer forgets their first home inspection.  All the critiquing, advice & jargon being thrown around can be really overwhelming.  It can be difficult to extract the not so big items from the things that are big.  Remember, no home is perfect & this is your opportunity to do your homework so you can negotiate with the sellers for necessary repairs or credits.  Now, some...Continue Reading!

Buy Vs. Rent in Philadelphia

Philadelphia homes for sale ask yourself:  how long will i live here? The Spring real estate market is almost here which means many renters in Philadelphia are trying to figure out if they are going to extend their lease, find a new place or buy a home.  Trulia put together a clever interactive map that delves into the buy vs. rent dilemma by breaking down mortgage rates, tax bracket & how long you will stay in the home.  Philadelphia buyers fare well in as little...Continue Reading!