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Picking The Perfect Pumpkin Patch

Philadelphia homes for sale and the fall fun continues! We've shown you where to get a good scare, now we're letting you know some of our favorite spots for pumpkin picking!  Living in a bustling city like Philadelphia, it's going to be difficult to find an orchard anywhere near City Hall.  While there are many local neighborhood spots that will be selling festive pumpkins, hay and other fall goods, to get the true experience you'll have to head outside of the city.  Luckily for us,...Continue Reading!

Falling For Front Door Decor

Philadelphia homes for sale Decorating the front entryway of your home is a great way to show your holiday spirit!  There are many ways to get creative, whether you are looking for kid friendly crafts, working on a budget or attempting a new DIY project.  This fall, try a Halloween or Thanksgiving theme or go for a simple Autumn motif. Incorporate traditional fall colors like oranges & golds or aim for a more elegant look with neutral tones.  From simple to extravagant the options are endless! Continue Reading!

Fall Outside of Philly

Philadelphia homes for sale Like most cities, living in Philadelphia has tons of perks: being able to walk everywhere or hop on the subway, surrounded by restaurants & shops and constantly finding new things to do & new places to visit. But every now and then comes the urge to leave the chaotic streets of the city behind and escape to the quiet, serene towns just outside of Philadelphia. These small towns are great for an impromptu day trip whether you live in Center...Continue Reading!

Trend Tuesday: Tile Gone Wild

Philadelphia homes for sale the eclectic look under foot Give your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, mudroom or basement a makeover with mosaic tiles in geometric patterns, bright color or monochromatic black & white. We could call it a trend but I'm not sure any of these looks will ever go out of style. Bright, bold & oh so beautiful. Eclectic Powder Room by Malibu Interior Designers & Decorators BGDB Interior Design Eclectic Bathroom by Springfield Interior Designers & Decorators Nathan Taylor for Obelisk Home Eclectic Kitchen by Calabasas Interior Designers &...Continue Reading!

Setting Up An Entryway

Philadelphia homes for sale City homes don't have big foyers with the space for a big round table with a big floral arrangement or a large upholstered chair for getting your shoes off & on. In fact, they don't have room for much of anything, but that doesn't mean you  have to ignore the space completely. If your front door opens right up into the living room visually defining the "entry zone" makes a big difference even if its just psychologically. Setting up a small table or bench, a...Continue Reading!

Trend Tuesday: Matte Black

Philadelphia homes for sale don't let the kardashian-west-jenner fleet of cars have all the fun We've been seeing matte black everywhere from the inside of a fridge to the exterior of a Victorian claw foot. Looks like matte black is the new black. set the table Matte black dinnerware from Bed Bath & Beyond. $59.99 for a 16 piece set. You know you have a coupon. set the mood Matte black dome light from Access Lighting. Get it on set it over a sink This matte black faucet by Brizo is hot.       give a...Continue Reading!

Curio: A Curated Collection of Curiosities in Chestnut Hill

Philadelphia homes for sale I love spending an afternoon in Chestnut Hill. It's like heading out to the country without leaving the city. On my last visit I found myself in Curio & was delighted by the collection of carefully selected pieces. While I love to hunt it's nice to get your vintage fix without having to paw through piles of junk to find the diamond in the rough. Curio - any unusual article, object of art, etc., valued as a curiosity. Check out what I found & keep this...Continue Reading!

“Next Level” Refrigerators

Philadelphia homes for sale these versions of the utilitarian fridge are far from basic I never thought much about a refrigerator besides the basics like is it side by side, stainless, maybe those arctic white models that made a brief appearance or do we need to get a new one.  Considering it's one of the hardest working appliances in a home maybe I should think more about it. So I did. Now be prepared to have refrigerator envy. yolanda foster's custom fridge - inspiring the aspirational everywhere I have...Continue Reading!

Trend Tuesday: Copper Accents

Philadelphia homes for sale all that glitters is not gold Sometimes it's copper. accessories finishes find it local I bought this 60" round dining room table at Material Culture on Wissahickon Ave. ages ago & I love it.   Continue Reading!

3 Things You Need To Host Holiday Guests

Philadelphia homes for sale don't let the holidays get you down Your guests may drive you nuts or they may not but if you stock up on these items it may help calm the crazy. 1. extra wine glasses This is not the time to break out the fancy crystal. You don't want to hand wash glasses all night do you? No, this is the time to stock up on cheap stemless (harder to knock over) dishwasher safe wine glasses. This way when one or two inevitably...Continue Reading!