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Quick Fix: Reupholster The Seat of a Dining Chair

Philadelphia homes for sale a brand new look that won't break the bank The holidays are coming! You know what that means...impromptu get togethers, parties & house guests. Maybe your dining room chairs are looking a little tired. I know mine were in need of a make over. I found these chairs at Home Furnishings Consignment in Wayne a few years back. They came from a West Palm Beach estate sale. They are a little Miami Vice, a little Scarface & a little tacky...just the way...Continue Reading!

Trend Tuesday: Window Makeover

Philadelphia homes for sale best part? new windows not necessary Not only is it unnecessary to get new windows I find this look is extra fab on old windows with intricate moldings & frames. A couple coats of paint can give your windows a totally new look while completely changing the vibe of the room. Black is the most common choice but a well chosen color can really make the room pop. Tip-use gloss or semi gloss to make cleaning your windows easy. What do you think? Is this...Continue Reading!

Trend Tuesday: The High Tech Home

Philadelphia homes for sale up the resale ante with high tech upgrades for your home High tech upgrades may not be as sexy as a kitchen reno but they go a long way with younger buyers. The younger generation of home buyers are hooked into their smart phones, are tech savvy & quite a few work from home. Builders, developers & sellers are wise to take heed. Philadelphia was recently placed in the top 5 most affordable housing markets for Millennials so the person who buys your home might be...Continue Reading!

Trend Tuesday: Decorating with Agates & Geodes

Philadelphia homes for sale rolling stones: give your home an infusion of earthy glamour I am continuously inspired by nature so it's no surprise that I love to decorate my home with natural elements. Agates & geodes are so breathtakingly beautiful they look like an artist should have made them when in reality they come right from the Earth. These gorgeous hunks of sparkling rocks are showing up everywhere from drawer pulls to light fixtures. knobs Anthropologie's Swirled Geode Knob - $18.00 coasters Z Gallerie Coasters - $39.00 book ends West Elm Agate Bookends...Continue Reading!

Trend Tuesday: A Seamless Backsplash

Philadelphia homes for sale the desire for low maintenance finishes holds strong The perfect blend of form & function a backsplash is the quiet work horse of the kitchen. A well chosen backsplash unifies kitchen finishes & beautifies the space all while protecting your walls from inevitable spills & splatters. Anyone who has taken on the task knows that cleaning grout is a pretty intensive process & something you really have to keep on top of to prevent it from looking dingy or, even worse, staining. I've got some...Continue Reading!

Philly’s Small Batch Spirits

Philadelphia homes for sale create craft cocktails at home with local spirits I am looking for some pretty bottles to display for my future bar cart. I thought to myself let me see if I can find some made in Philly. First, I had no idea Philly made so many quality spirits. Second, the bottles are all so good looking they are totally worthy of a spot front & center on the bar cart. Check 'em out! philadelphia distilling -- created and made right here in philly Back...Continue Reading!

Trend Tuesday: Serving in Style

old school entertaining: the cocktail party & its essential accoutrement There seems to be a collective urge to bring back the best parts of the good old days; like eschewing the $15.00 cocktail once in a while & throwing your very own cocktail party. I decided to give it a try. I was baffled when everyone ended up in the kitchen when my living room is so much more comfortable. What happened? My guests hung out where I kept the drinks. Back in the day...Continue Reading!

Trend Tuesday: Kitchen Cabinets Go Two Tone

Philadelphia homes for sale this is a look that can be done at all price points in all styles Do you love the look of painted kitchen cabinets like I do. Then you may have noticed a trend gaining traction in Philly's new construction & renovated kitchens; the two toned cabinet. This trend is so great in so many ways. Let me tell you why. There are so many options for personalization at your fingertips. Seriously! There are thousands of paint colors. You can get the white kitchen look without having the nuisance...Continue Reading!

Trend Tuesday: Reconsidering The Master Bath

Philadelphia homes for sale why tuesday? because this crappy alliteration sounded better than thursday They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Here it is. I am obsessed {OBSESSED!} with homes & design. To say I spend inordinate amounts of time trolling TrendMLS, Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram & various blogs for the latest trends in upscale home design is an understatement. It's one of my favorite pastimes. Trend Tuesday is a way for me to parlay this obsession into something productive. I love a...Continue Reading!

Get The Boho Chic Look

Philadelphia homes for sale infuse your home with effortless style I love the eclectic vibes that a space draped in boho chic style radiates. There is a certain "joie de vivre" that surrounding oneself with beloved objects en masse without regard to traditional design rules implies.  I also love how well the boho chic look meshes with the different styles of real estate found in Philadelphia. Boho chic style allows the raw details of a loft to shine, is the perfect foil for stuffy period details, looks perfectly at home...Continue Reading!